Lake Beauregard is in the Champagne Region of France, an easy 3.5 hour drive from Calais.
The nearest town is Vitry le Francois with supermarkets etc, a 10 minute drive from the lake.
The lake is 10 acres with lots of features, deep margins and small islands, with depths ranging from 3ft-8ft.
The lake has 13 swims with plenty of room to move around and areas for stalking.
The lake and facilities are available for the exclusive use for parties of up to 6 anglers.
There are over 250 mirror and common carp to over 60lb, grass carp to over 50lb. The largest common caught is 65lb 12oz, and the best mirror at 62lb.
Prices are from £1000 per week for the exclusive use of the lake and facilities.
The lodge includes a fully equipped kitchen, dining area toilet and shower. There is a separate freezer for bait.
A shaded patio area and barbecue overlooks the lake.


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Fully equipped kitchen and dining area.


English style toilet and shower


Beauregard is an easy 3.5 hour drive from Calais, the nearest town to Beauregard is Vitry le Francois.

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For bookings and more info call Roger Pearce on;

direct: 00 33 326 73 13 79
mobile: 07899 746 917
email: s.pearce@orange.fr



1. 3 rods per angler, they must not be left unattended.
2. No leaders of any kind, tubing only.
3. Barbless hooks only.
4. Leads must be able to break free.
5. 15lb minimum mainline.
6. No braided mainlines.
7. Bait boats are allowed.
8. Unhooking mats and weigh slings are provided.
9. Iodine or similar product must be used for fish care.
10. One tub of tiger nuts allowed per person.
11. Absolutely no litter.

These rules are designed for the welfare of the fish, anybody found abusing the rules will be asked to leave.



We can supply high quality fishmeal pellets available in 25kg bags at 50 euros per bag.

Only fresh frozen boilies are allowed, no shelflife. There are freezers at the fishery to store your bait. We supply two types of fresh frozen boilies that produce consistently all season.

1: Caviar & Cranberry, a fishmeal bait.
2: Roasted peanut, A milk protein high energy boilie.

These are available at 50 euros per 5kg bag. Matching pop-ups and dips are also available on demand.

Freshly prepared maize is available at 20 euros per 15kg bucket.
Tiger nuts at 10 euros per 500ml tub. ( We only allow 1 tub per angler).

More information on bait and order forms will be sent out to all parties that have booked the lake.


It's been a wet and unseasonably cold spring this year. Normally the fish would have spawned by now, but this year because of the cold water temperatures it's going to be as late as I can remember, climate change doesn't necessarily mean it's getting warmer, not this spring anyway.

Nathan Crowder's group of 5 had a good week last week, catching 46 fish with 3 x 50's, the biggest a 58lb mirror, followed by 7 x 40's. Swim 8 fished particularly well, it's not one usually fished by anglers, preferring other swims, it shows sometimes it pays to fish the quieter areas.

The average number of fish caught this year is 36 per week, with the average weight 34lb 8oz.

For more info call Roger on 07899 746917 or email s.pearce@orange.fr


Joe Clements 60lb


Mark Brooks 53lb 4oz

For bookings and more info call Roger Pearce on 00 33 326 73 13 79, mobile 07899 746 917, or email s.pearce@orange.fr